Our Story


Who Are We

Online Babyplants is an online store that specializes in selling baby plants across the European Union. An original concept, a growing catalogue and beautiful packaging come together to create the perfect experience for those looking to grow their plants and watch how the process unfolds.

It all started when two students joined forces to create an innovative start-up project. The project eventually gained traction and, now, Online Babyplants features an intuitive platform that makes the shopping process easier than ever – from the moment you order to the second your favorite plants are delivered to your doorstep.

Our Mission

Online Babyplants is set on a mission to deliver a disruptive experience that will take gardening to the next level in a fun, trendy and affordable way.

The process is simple, we grow the plants in our greenhouse and, we make sure they are in their peak condition, then we ship them throughout Europe, taking all necessary precautions to ensure that they remain safe and healthy until they get to you. Discover a fresh catalogue that is constantly growing with new additions that range from Monstera Adansonii to Peperomia Raindrop. Whether you are a plant lover or a gardening enthusiast, here, you can find baby plants that radiate beauty, grown with care.

Our Vision

Online Babyplants was created to offer an exciting experience by blending an interesting idea, a user-friendly platform and a personalized approach.

Currently, we focus solely on baby plants, however, in the near future, we plan to grow and improve our platform by adding creative packaging options and other products such as potting mixes to complement our service.