Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get other plants in the shop?

Certainly! We are constantly working on new products, keep an eye on our Instagram to see what we are doing. Suggestions are always welcome!

How long does it take for my plants to be delivered?

We ship the orders on Mondays, Wednesdays (and Fridays for the Netherlands and Belgium). Normally the order will be delivered within 6 working days after you have received confirmation that your order has been completed. If it takes longer than 10 working days please contact us! For the Netherlands and Belgium the shipping time is 1/2 working day (s).

I sent you a mail when I can expect a response?

We strive to answer all mails within 48 hours.

My plant has arrived damaged what should I do?

How annoying, just send us a picture of your plant (s) and your order number via the mail, then we’ll  handle it!

Should the plug of the plant be removed before I go plant it?

No you better not do it to avoid getting the roots damaged, the plug is 100% biodegradable so will digest after over time.

Can I also leave the plant in the water?

Most plants are not able to withstand this, plants grow best in potting soil. But of course, it looks very cool. Do you want to try it and you see that the plant weakens, then plant it again in fresh potting soil.

What is the difference between baby, mini and plants?

Baby plants do not have a jar and need to be planted, the terracotta pot of 9cm is best suited for this.

Mini-Plants have a pot size between 5.5 – 6cm and sit in a small plastic jar, we advise these plants to be left without a plastic jar in the 11cm terracotta pot. So they will have extra growth space.

Plants in our assortment are grown up in a plastic jar of 12cm. The plants do not have to be planted over and fit perfectly in the decorative pots of 14cm.

How sustainable is your packaging?

Our blister pack is made out of 100% recycled PET, so from waste of pet bottles and other PET packaging. The packaging is also recyclable again. This is the best packaging for us to ship the plants safely. If you know a good alternative, suggestions are certainly welcome!