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Fishbone Cactus for sale


It's a fun challenge to grow your own plants.


Create an Urban Jungle at home!


Baby plants are cheaper than a full grown plant.

The Epiphyllum Anguliger, also known as the Fishbone Cactus, is for sale at Baby Plants. With our baby plants you will enjoy gardening as never before! For more information we are happy to help you online.

How to cake care of the Fishbone Cactus for sale

This cactus flower is a night bloomer and has a flat leaf. Water the plant but prevent the cactus to be constantly wet. After flowering, the Fishbone Cactus has a short resting period of two weeks. After these weeks, water it again on a regular basis.

Replant de cuttings of a fishbone cactus yourself

Did you know that you can easily replant de cuttings of a Fishbone Cactus, that we offer for sale, yourself? Cut a piece of stem of about 10 cm in length and plant it in moist soil. With some patience, you will soon have a new fishbone cactus. Order your Fishbone Cactus for sale online and, while you’re there, look at our other plants as well.

Create an Urban Jungle at home

Growing your own plants has never been easier and more enjoyable. Order your Fishbone Cactus for sale in our web shop and create an Urban Jungle at home. Questions? Reach us via the online contact form or send an e-mail to